Exploration Targets

The ongoing focus of Uranium King will be the exploration and development of uranium projects within the United States, particularly within the well known Grants Mineral belt of New Mexico which is an area of significant past uranium production.

Within this belt, but also extending into other areas of interest within Wyoming, Utah and Nevada, a number of important styles of uranium mineralisation have been recognised. These include:

  • Roll-front uranium mineralisation contained within middle-late Palaeozoic sandstones
  • Uranium mineralisation contained and associated with intrusive dykes and plutons
  • Uranium mineralisation contained and associated with unconformity boundaries

All of these styles of mineralisation have the potential to host significant uranium mineralisation and will be targeted by Uranium King to increase the resource base of the company.


Grants Mineral Belt

The Grants Mineral belt has been a significant source of uranium in the United States with production estimated to be in excess of 340 million pounds. The belt was of major importance during 1950-1968 when annual production was around 25% of the total output from the United States.

Geologically, uranium mineralisation in the Grants Mineral Belt is hosted within the Morrison Formation which is an intercalated mudstone, shale and sandstone of Jurassic age ranging between 120 metres and 150 metres in thickness.